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My work ranges from decorative to whimsical to functional. I have always had a love of sculpting and have created sculptures in wood since I was a child learning first from my grandmother then later from wood carver Jim Maxwell. I learned clay sculpture from the very talented Elizabeth Ritter. But metal sculpture is my true passion. It is such a challenge to cut, bend and shape the metal or to find the just right antique piece to create something special.

I use some new metal, but I also spend a great deal of time searching for salvaged metal for my work. I search antique stores, scrap yard and farms looking for the perfect pieces for my work. I look for old farm machinery parts, old tools, old car parts and any other interesting metal that I can find. Sometimes I am looking for a specific piece of metal for a sculpture and sometimes the shape of the metal piece I find tells me what it is meant to be.

I am often asked to create a sculpture from a father’s or grandfathers shed or garage. It is a challenge to sort through the old tools and parts and come up with a piece of artwork, but it is such a great feeling when I can present the family with a piece of art that has so much more meaning than a pile of old tools and that will last a lifetime and will hopefully be passed down through generations.

I have created art since I was very young, but now I create art with history and meaning.

Sherry Day

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